Allison Audrey Weldon


I launched Sangre de Fruta Botanical when my passions in alternative healing, luxury experiences, and perfumery came alive in a product. I learned about making organic skin care from a friend and veteran in the apothecary world. We experimented in her kitchen for fun for years making creams with all sorts of precious oils, making creations that could never be duplicated even by us, before I realized we had created something really special that could take a life of its own.

When creating the brand Sangre de Fruta, I wanted it to be different than what was available out there in a lot of ways. Having worked in the fashion industry for over a decade, I was tired of the unhealthy attitudes towards beauty. The unrealistic ideas of perfection, youth, and striving for external beauty were so boring to me. I wanted to create a brand and product range that would help women and men feel joy, pleasure, and connect to themselves and the world around them. And I think most people would agree, there is nothing more beautiful than a person who allows themselves those simple things. 

Paying attention to scent and all the senses is a meditation to me. I hope treating your skin to natures finest luxuries, and engaging your senses honestly will offer just a bit more beauty in your world.

X Allison


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