The label says Botanical Body Cream - can I also use it on my face? 

Yes! It’s excellent for moisturizing your face for most skin types. Many SDF Botanical Cream fans (myself included) use it from head to toe.  It's especially nice on the face after being in the sun, for dry or irritated skin.

This cream is very different from most creams stocked in store as not only does it omit all those toxic ingredients and preservatives, but it only has active ingredients. Each and every one has a beneficial purpose to heal and rejuvenate your skin.  Furthermore, most creams, even if they are organic, have water as the first ingredient. I don’t put any water in the cream - this makes it richer and more beneficial for the skin.

Are there healing qualities of the various oils and essential oils?

Yes! So many. I could talk about them all day- each of the ingredients in the base have individual properties - you’ve probably heard of the benefits of Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Rose Hip oil and Argan oil? The interesting thing is that almost all of the ingredients have actually been used for as healing balms for centuries by ancient cultures from around the world (Argan oil in Morocco, Shea butter in ancient Egypt…) And as we in the western world are looking for alternatives to synthetic products, these incredible century-tested ingredients are resurfacing in main-stream luxury cosmetics. For example You’ll see “Rose Hip” oil advertised in creams at high-end cosmetic counter.  Although when you look at the ingredients you’ll see there is maybe one drop in the jar you’re buying after all the fake stuff. Probably less than that actually. I pour it in generously! It’s so delicious. 

The essential oils are in a similar situation - they have been used in ancient medicine and holistic medicine forever and are so so healing for the skin and therapeutic for our bodies. We are now again, giving these rich essences the credit they deserve. For example, Frankincense, which is in my “Melaleuca + Frank” cream is now being proven to have positive effects on curing cancer and helping arthritis! (I was happy before just knowing it was good for eczema and antibacterial!) You may recall Frankincense was said to be brought along with Myrrh and Gold as a gift to Jesus…some of these essential oils are said to have been worth more than gold in ancient civilizations….Anyways, Im getting carried away. The best bet to figure out what your skin needs though is to smell them- in-line with the principles of aromatherapy, you will be attracted to the scent of the ingredients that your body is craving. 

Do you have an unscented creams?  

Yes! We just launched our Unscented version of the Botanical Body Cream. In addition to having some requests for it, I wanted something unscented for my skin during pregnancy. So it's really gentle, but also really healing and protective. 

Is Rose an old-lady scent?! 

Not any more! It’s making a comeback. This is not the sweet, musky rose, this is the fresh, morning dew rose. It’s been one of my biggest sellers this season! 

Please get in touch with any more questions!

x Allison